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The pieces are handmade to order and will be sent within 3 weeks of receiving order.

Please Note...

QUIM Jewellery pieces are made especially for you. For this reason items are non- exchangable and non-refundable unless found to have a fault. Each piece is unique and bears the story of the maker. Please expect some irregularities.

How to look after silicone Jewellery

The silicone is cool, squishy and tactile, but it is also fragile and needs some special care.

  • Please only allow silicone to be lightly stretched when worn. Stretching it beyond 5% is likely to cause damage.
  • Please keep silicone flat and avoid any strong twisting and bending.
  • It can grip to surfaces and cloth so care is needed, especially when removing clothing.
  • It can collect dust and fibres. Gently rub clean with a small about of Vaseline, coconut oil or similar.
  • Please be aware that the silicone may change colour and texture over time. Its best to avoid exposure to sunlight where possible.
  • Silver naturally tarnishes over time. To remove tarnish we recommend using a silver cleaning cloth and avoid contact with the silicone.
  • We recommend keeping the silicone jewellery in its box or pouch to help keep it safe.