Quim delivers unapologetic jewellery for you to love.

Lots of hands together wearing silver
rings and silicone bracelets

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Translucent brown hanging drapes, pulled to the floor by heavy stands.

Crafted by hands that sweat & clench & rub & slap

Our pieces hold the power to unleash your inner brazen self

Katelyn Nelson

Katelyn Nelson is crazy

She has the guts to stand-up in the world, and say "Hey, I made some shit"

She loves to create and witness the ripple of effects when people encounter her objects

Some loose silver rings and pink silicone pieces.

The human ability to view and manipulate the world through the lens of aesthetics is a powerful thing.

The sensori-emotional pull you feel on the road to 'perfection' is one of never- ending self-improvement.

But, yeah like I said, she’s crazy.